Westworld: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?


I am loving Westworld thus far into episode two.  So many questions!

These are questions both new and old, the latter due to my currently wizened state and my recalling of the original work from 1973 by Michael Crichton.  Does anyone else remember Yul Brynner with his rubber face peeled off?

Anyhow, the one thing that has me pulling at my chin hairs is related to the character known as Teddy.  Yes, there are other questions, but they will come later.

We initially saw Teddy entering Westworld in the opening sequence as a guest, listening to the banter of other patrons while wistfully gazing at the panoramic landscape of mesas and canyons as his train whisked past the window’s view.  But then, with the help of the Man in Black played by Ed Harris, Teddy met an unfortunate demise due to his ineffectual ammo against said robot that is apparently immune to gunfire.

Ignoring everything else (and a lot is going on here) in episode two, Teddy appears sidled up against the bar in the local whorehouse.  He’s in one scene where he chirps an ineffectual line; and then in his next scene, he chirps again and is perfunctorily shot to a bloody death by a guest with a just a wee bit of whoop and hollerin’ while the rest of the onlookers remain oddly stoic.

But that’s not the weird thing here… for me at least.

What’s weird to me is that the robots of Westworld seem to have memories, while some of the newcomers keep picking up soup cans for Dolores in hopes to find whatever quasi-robot love that Westworld may have to offer.  Dolores apparently has some skeletal dreams in her closet to boot!

So are robot’s memories based on people’s past lives?  Was Terry once a human?  Was he turned into a robot at some point?  Do androids dream of electric sheep?

WTF?  Seriously, WTF?!