Designated Survivor False Flag?

Designated Survivor False Flag?


I’ve been watching the new TV series, Designated Survivor, starring Kiefer Sutherland, which just began a couple weeks ago. So far, it’s pretty good; however, I’m already smelling the huge hint of a false flag operation in play here.

While I could be wrong, this could be a plot point very similar to what transpired in FALSE POSITIVES.  I’ll say no more on that bit to avoid spoilers.

What is a false flag? In short, it’s a diversionary tactic used as a red herring to make it look like an operation or event has been carried out by some group other than has actually done the deed.

Wikipedia has this to say about false flags. There are many other sources on the topic.  The group at #infowars, while frankly a band of hyped-up, sensationalist, mouth-frothing lunatics (IMHO), have some interesting opinions that take conspiracy theory to levels worthy of the next action thriller.

Maggie Q’s character, FBI Agent Hannah Wells, has caught the scent, but the gravitas of the catastrophe has everyone looking for the quickest conclusion (i.e scapegoat) to soothe America’s soul rather than being 100% sure about the whole thing.

Will President Kirkman be forced to pull the trigger on an unsure target, or will cooler heads prevail?

I am staying tuned.  Will you?


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