If you’ve purchased FALSE POSITIVES or even got it via a free promotion from Amazon prior to 31 Jan 2012, you should be receiving an email from them over the next few weeks.

I’ve made some (very) minor changes to the manuscript and fixed some bits that were brought to my attention from readers. After another full proofread, in preparation for the paperback release, I’m pretty sure that this “corrected” version will be an even better read for everyone.

One of the cool things about eBooks is that you can do things like this. Unfortunately, Amazon’s process for distributing corrected versions is not fully automatic. This is why you’ll be receiving the email.

When you get it, just follow the instructions, and an updated copy of the book will be delivered to your eReader.  If you don’t get an email, and you would like to receive the updated version, please contact me here.

Thank you very much for your interest in FALSE POSITIVES and your support for Indie writers.



  • Marion Spicher

    Thanks for the notice, Kim.

  • Kim Aleksander

    Sure thing, Marion.

    What do those numbers mean?

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